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Internationale Pressestimmen

Fast Company 29/10/2019: "For many people, their first experience of clean travel will be in an electric bus"

TechCrunch 08/08/2019: "Flix is […] working on ways of applying technology to bring some of the dinosaurs of the current (old) generation of vehicles into the 21st century."

Financial Times 06/06/2019: “We really want to build this into a global consumer brand that anyone can turn to wherever they live.”

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Deutsche Welle 16/09/2019: "Flixbus has long prided itself on its environmentally-conscious business model. When booking a ticket online, customers can pay a little extra to offset the carbon impact of their journey."

Bloomberg Businessweek 15/04/2018: “Europe’s Magic Bus…FlixBus has given buses a trendier, eco-friendly, sharing economy vibe.”


VentureBeat 15/05/18: "Germany’s data-driven FlixBus launches in the U.S. to make bus travel cool…FlixBus today includes spacious seating, onboard entertainment, and Wi-Fi. The company uses the data it gathers from inquiries and rides to determine routes, stop times, and pricing.”

Handelsblatt Global Edition 07/09/16: "FlixBus, the long-distance bus company from Munich, has gone from success to success in Germany."

DW Flixbus

Deutsche Welle 16/05/18: "FlixBus hat sich ein Image als Innovator aufgebat, der die angestaubte Fernbus-Branche ins Zeitalter der Digitalisierung fuhrt und durch Experimente mit Elektrobussen im Oko-trend liegt.''

The Economist 10/05/18: “FlixBus...destroyed the competition...it has conquered nearly the entire German market. By the end of last year it was carrying nearly 100,000 people a day to 1,700 destinations in 27 countries across Europe.”

Le Monde 14/09/16: "Flixbus France, la filiale de la start-up allemande, leader du transport en autocar outre-Rhin, a réussi son implantation en France, avec plus de 40 % de parts de marché."

WIRED.it 30/06/16: "Siamo partiti sin da subito con l’idea di diventare i numeri uno in Europa, per dare un’offerta completa a chi cerca un’alternativa economica e green per viaggiare."

La Repubblica-logo

La Repubblica 17/08/17: "In soli 2 anni di presenza in Italia, l'autobus si è definitivamente affermato come mezzo di trasporto alternativo a treno, aereo e soprattutto all'auto privata"

Cerodosbe 05/10/15: “Lo que sí es novedad es el concepto. FlixBus busca que viajar en autobús sea de nuevo sexy"

Travel Weekly 16/03/16: "Founded in Germany in 2013 after deregulation of the coach sector, the company created a nationwide network within months."

Focus-Online 08/07/15: "Reisen mit gutem Gewissen - Neuer Trend Fairnreisen: Fair unterwegs mit Fernbussen"

France 3 - Champagne Ardenne 27/07/15: "Ces autocars tout confort sont proposés aux passagers pour tenter de faire oublier le train, le covoiturage ou encore l'avion."


DIE WELT 02/06/15: "Deutsche können jetzt per Fernbus in Urlaub fahren: Der Erfolg in Deutschland ist riesig, nun expandieren Fernbus-Anbieter ins Ausland."

Hipertextual 19/10/15: "La empresa alemana [...] nos proporciona wifi gratuito, tres maletas por persona, películas actuales durante el viaje, [...]"

T-Online 08/10/14:  "Die Marktöffnung für Fernbusse hat den Anbietern einen Fahrgastboom beschert. Die Zahl der Passagiere hat sich mehr als verdreifacht."

Young Germany 14/12/14: "Derailing the Train: How Intercity Buses Are Changing the Way We Travel in Germany"